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When Women Win is a podcast where female role models and boss ladies from around the world share their inspirational stories and practical tools and strategies they used to succeed. It is currently the number 1 most listened to podcast in the Middle East.


On each episode, host and creator Rana Nawas finds out the stories and deconstructs the tools and strategies of what is a remarkable lineup of boss ladies: Kristina Kuzmic, Afra Atiq, HRH Princess Tessy Antony, Dr. Auma Obama, and many more.

May 22, 2018

We got into Karen's life story and her fascinating journey to this point. She also shared some great advice for anyone interested in growing their social media presence. As a result, this episode is a little longer than usual.

Karen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer whose followers are mostly women aged 18-34 located in the USA, UAE and KSA. She has worked with numerous, diverse brands including Dior Beauty, Louis Vuitton, Apple, Jo Malone and Cadillac. Karen is busy! She has a husband, three children under the age of four and a hectic work travel schedule. Karen is a big believer that women can “do it all” and is a passionate cheerleader of women everywhere.

We had an animated chat about all things “influencer”: I asked Karen what she does on a daily basis and how she maintains a balance between glitz and reality. We talked about the recent reveal of her skin condition and how her followers reacted to it. We discussed how Karen became one of the region’s biggest influencers and how she curates her digital content. The burden of scrutiny also came up – including the need for thick skin! Finally, Karen gave us some tips on how to take strong photographs and how to build one’s following on Instagram.

My favorite quote was: “you can grow horizontally or vertically”. I think it’s applicable in many different contexts.

You can find Karen Wazen on Instagram @karenwazenb and YouTube.