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When Women Win is a podcast where female role models and boss ladies from around the world share their inspirational stories and practical tools and strategies they used to succeed. It is currently the number 1 most listened to podcast in the Middle East.


On each episode, host and creator Rana Nawas finds out the stories and deconstructs the tools and strategies of what is a remarkable lineup of boss ladies: Kristina Kuzmic, Afra Atiq, HRH Princess Tessy Antony, Dr. Auma Obama, and many more.

Dec 20, 2017

Ozge Akbulut is a real life Dr. Who – scientist, academic and entrepreneur. A Harvard and MIT engineering graduate, Ozge uses her research and experience to build businesses that solve global problems. For example, as 1 in 8 women globally will get breast cancer - Ozge has built a company called Surgitate that...

Dec 11, 2017

Dr. Obama is ​also ​a published author, having released her memoir “And Then Life Happens” in both German and English.

We talked about sustainable economic growth, supporting children holistically from the age of 4 to 25, dispelling the victim mentality and redefining the notion of poverty. We also discussed...

Dec 4, 2017

If you've ever wondered how billionaires manage their wealth or how a family office operates, this is the show for you!

Ida Beerhalter leads IOME, a Riyadh-based private investment partnership of women principals from the Gulf region. She also serves as member of the Board of Trustees, advisor, and expert with various...

Nov 21, 2017

Assia deserves an award for the diversity of her life experiences! This show jumps around her life as we extract lessons from her wide array of experiences. We sat down together in Dubai and talked about women on boards, media strategy, growing pains of start-ups, becoming an angel investor and dyslexia. 

Nov 14, 2017

Today's guest is globally renowned for her parenting humour… The Huffington Post calls it, “Parenting comedy at its finest”!

Kristina Kuzmic is energetic and funny, and has an in-your-face perspective on parenting and on life in general. You may have seen Kristina on your Facebook feed, or on some internet, radio...