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When Women Win is a podcast where female role models and boss ladies from around the world share their inspirational stories and practical tools and strategies they used to succeed. It is currently the number 1 most listened to podcast in the Middle East.


On each episode, host and creator Rana Nawas finds out the stories and deconstructs the tools and strategies of what is a remarkable lineup of boss ladies: Kristina Kuzmic, Afra Atiq, HRH Princess Tessy Antony, Dr. Auma Obama, and many more.

Dec 22, 2020

Welcome to episode 2 of the Rewind, as we count down to the launch of Season 4 on Jan 4th.

There are many reasons that this is one of the world's favorite podcasts: we talked about confidence, authenticity, stereotype threat and self-promotion. We explored faith, being human and how to move on after the loss of a loved one.

You can find Boz on Instagram @badassboz.


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